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October 11, 2013 - What Makes Organic Farming the Better Choice?
When it comes down to it everyone has their own opinions about how certain things should be run. The same can be said when about organic farming. When it comes down to it, organic farming is pretty much the same. It can be a great bone of contention for many people with one shouting the benefits of the other techniques and treading all over the original concept with all the finesse of a bull in a china shop. However, one thing that should come across is what makes organic farming the better choice? How and why are so many farmers reverting to this kind of farming technique? What kinds of benefits do they gain from organic farming? Read More »

September 27, 2013 - Organic Farming: Looking Under the Hood
Organic farming is usually painted up in a bright image. Eco-friendly, recyclable and able to produce fruits and vegetables and other items that are healthy and good for the body organic farming is a well loved mode of farming for fans of eco-friendly practices. However, while it may look as easy as growing a plant in a pot, it's actually far more complicated. Furthermore, the there are a few things that can pose a problem or a hurdle in organic farming if one jumps into the practice completely unprepared. While it does have more benefits as compared to conventional chemical farming, there are certain procedures that can become the downfall of an organic farmer. The following are a few of them: Read More »

September 13, 2013 - Organic Farming: Organic Farming Boom
The trend of eating healthy food products has increased more than ever today. As opposed to the trend of consuming a lot of junk food, people are getting involved in activities that promote a high level of fitness coupled with healthy eating habits. The introduction of organically grown fruits, vegetables and similarly produced meat has further promoted the trend of healthy eating. Conventionally produced fruits and vegetables require countless pesticides and herbicides to grow which contain many harmful substances and chemicals. Most of these chemicals not only kill the pesticides but are also harmful for the health of human beings who consume them. In order to avoid all the diseases and infections caused by eating conventionally grown fruits and vegetables, people are turning towards healthy eating and organically produced goods. Read More »

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The green industry has been growing at a phenomenal pace over the past five years. We have watched green jobs over that time period and have worked to identify the lasting and unique green careers.  The United Nations is projecting the green industry to swell to nearly $1.5 trillion. Are you prepared to enter into a meaningful green career?

If you are not, then you are at the correct website. Green Careers Guide provides thousands of guided articles to help you research, learn, apply, interview, and land that Job! No other green job site does what we do. Our articles have been on the front page of Yahoo, National Geographic, and many others. Our writers are recognized experts in the green industry.

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